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INT 0x10 - 0x03 - Read Cursor Position and Size


reg value descr
AH 0x03
BH parm video page


reg descr
CH cursor starting scan line (low order 5 bits)
CL cursor ending scan line (low order 5 bits)
DH row (y)
DL column (x)

Notes & Comments

  • returns data from BIOS DATA AREA locations 40:50, 40:60 and 40:61
  • the 6845 can also be used to read the cursor position
  • the return data can be circumvented by direct port I/O to the 6845 CRT Controller since this function returns the data found in the BIOS Data Area without actually checking the controller

See also INT 10h, 02h, INT 10h, 01h


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