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INT 0x15 - 0xc0 - Return System Configuration Parameters (PS/2 only)


reg value descr
AH 0xc0


  • CF = 1 if error
  • CF = 0 if successful :
reg descr
AH set, 80h for PC & PCjr, 86h for XT (BIOS after 11/8/82) and AT (BIOS after 1/10/84)
ES:BX pointer to system descriptor table in ROM of the format (see below)

Values code:

offset size description
00h word length of descriptor (8 minimum)
02h byte model byte (same as F000:FFFE, not reliable)
03h byte secondary model byte
04h byte BIOS revision level (zero based)
05h byte feature information, see below
06h dword reserved

bit description
0 reserved
1 0=PC Bus
1=Micro channel
2 Extended BIOS Data Area (EBDA) allocated
3 wait for external event supported
4 INT 15,4F used (kbd intercept)
5 RTC present
6 2nd 8259 present
7 DMA channel 3 used by fixed disk BIOS

Notes & Comments

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