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INT 0x13 - 0x08 - Get Current Drive Parameters (XT & newer)


reg value descr
AH 0x08
DL var Drive number (0=A, 1=2nd floppy, 0x80=drive 0, 0x81=drive 1)


reg descr
CF 0 if successful
1 if error
AH status (see INT 13,01)
BL CMOS drive type
01 - 51/4: 360K
02 - 51/4: 1.2Mb
03 - 31/2: 720K
04 - 31/2: 1.44Mb
CH cylinders (0-1023 dec. see below)
CL sectors per track (see below)
DH number of sides (0 based)
DL number of drives attached
ES:DI pointer to 11 byte Disk Base Table (DBT)

Notes & Comments

  • the track/cylinder number is a 10 bit value taken from the 2 high order bits of CL and the 8 bits in CH (low order 8 bits of track)
  • many good programming references indicate this function is only available on the AT, PS/2 and later systems, but all hard disk systems since the XT have this function available
  • only the disk number is checked for validity
bit descr
0-5 sector number
6-7 high order 2 bits of track/cylinder
8-15 low order 8 bits of track/cyl number


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